L'Occitane Eav Des Bavx Homme

Eau de Toilette Spray
For Men
L'Occitane Eav Des Bavx Homme

L'Occitane Eav Des Bavx Homme

In Provence the knights of Baux had chosen the cypress as a symbol of their strength and courage. Guided by the stars, they faced every challenge with audacity! The fragrance comes from the sensual and mysterious alliance of cypress and incense.

Piramide Olfattiva
Note di Testa:
Bacche rosa, Cardamomo
Note di Cuore:
Cipresso, Incenso
Note di Fondo:
Fava Tonka


Directions for use: Spray the perfume by placing the bottle at least 12-18 cm away from the chest or body. Point the nozzle at the point where you will vaporize it. If your skin gets wet when you spray the perfume, the bottle is too close. For a stronger fragrance, apply the perfume on the pulse points: neck, nape, wrist, forearm and behind the ears.

75 ml Spray
75 ml Spray
Eau de Toilette
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