Shipping Cost

Express courier Italia Italia

We entrust our shipments to the GLS or SDA courier. Shipping is free for amounts over  € 50.00

Delivery time 24 to 48 hours


Starting from Until € Shipping cost
1,00 50,00 € 5,90
50,01 1000,00 Free Shipping
501,00 over automatic calculation of the cart



Corriere SDA o Poste Italiane


Isole: Sardegna, Capri, Ischia, Elba, Lipari, Lampedusa, pantelleria, Sant'elena, laguna di Venezia, Ponza ecc

I tempi di consegna variano dai 3 ai 5 giorni lavorativi. In caso di destinatario assente il pacco viene automaticamente rimesso in consegna.



Starting from   Shipping cost
1,00 50,00 € 7,20
50,01 500,00 Free Shipping
801,00 over automatic calculation of the cart





€ 5,00 up to € 175.00 over the cart will calculate 2% of the total amount

* Checks are not accepted.


* If at the time of delivery the recipient is absent, the courier will attempt delivery in the following days or even on the same day.

There are NO additional costs for you.

If you are absent, you will receive an e-mail from GLS where you will find a link to unpack the parcel in stock and choose the most convenient day for delivery from Monday to Friday.

*If you have difficulty picking up the package we are ready to assist you by providing ourselves to free the parcel storage.

* In case of force majeure (snow, or other), delivery may be delayed by a few days.

In any case, we will be able, through the tracing number, to locate all the consignments, then release them from the deposits and return them to delivery.



Fast Shipping in Europe

Courier used GLS, delivery from 2 to 4 days with traking.


The countries served by this service are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republican, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands , Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingtom.


 Number Products  Cost Shipping
 1 to 3 products  € 12,00
 5 to 8 products  € 14,00
 9 to 16 products  € 19,00
 17 to 32 products  € 25,00
 33 to 48 products  € 32,00
 48 to 64 products  € 45,00

Fast Shipping in World

delivery from 5 to 7 days with traking

Shipments in the world

America, Russia, Australia, Asia

 Number Products  Cost Shipping
 1 to 3 products  € 32,00
 4 to 8 products  € 35,00
 9 to 16products  € 38,00
 17 to 32 products  € 40,00
 33 to 48 products  € 50,00
 49 to 128 products  € 80,00

Economic shipping worldwide

delivery from 12 to 30 days with traking

 America, Russia, Australia, Asia

 Number Products  Cost Shipping
 1 to 3 products  € 19,00