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What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a method that allows information passing from your browser to the site, in this case, to travel encrypted over the Internet and not be intercepted by third parties, which is especially important when using credit cards or enter personal information. This is a method that ensures greater security in transactions.

An SSL certificate is used to ensure greater security for those who visit the website, a way to tell customers that the site is authentic, real and reliable when entering personal data. The SSL code recalls the English terms Secure Socket Layer, a security protocol that allows data to travel in an intact and secure way. In other words, the transmission of data between a server and a user and vice versa is totally encrypted and encrypted. When we say that data travel encrypted, we refer to the fact that mathematical algorithms and a key system are used that are identified only between the person who is navigating and the server. Since has an SSL certificate, our data is encrypted and no one can violate its content. What an SSL certificate offers is therefore the secure transmission of information through the Internet, to ensure that the data is not available to third parties.

PCI Data Security Standards - DSS

The website complies with international standards on the processing of credit card data.

The data security standard (DSS) of the payment card industry (PCI) has been developed to increase the security of cardholder data and to make it easier to adopt global security measures. The PCI DSS standard includes a series of technical and operational requirements developed to protect cardholder data. These requirements are applied to all entities that have a role in payment card processes, and therefore traders, processors, buyers, issuers and service providers, as well as all other entities that retain, process or transmit data from card holders. The PCI DSS standard is a minimum set of requirements to protect cardholder data and can be improved with the use of other controls or the application of additional practices to mitigate other risks. The following is a general description of the 12 requirements of the PCI DSS standard.


  • Develop and maintain a secure network.
  • Protect cardholder data.
  • Maintain a vulnerability administration program.
  • Implement robust access control measures.
  • Supervise and evaluate networks regularly.
  • Maintain a security policy in information.