Tanning: How to best prepare

by Carmen
18 May 2022


Tanning How to best prepare yourself: The best strategy to ensure a tan without risk for the skin is to take advantage of the last months of the spring season to prepare the face and body for the encounter with the sun. In this sense, a useful contribution to prepare in advance for tanning.


Skin Preparation Exfoliate and Moisturize: To avoid the appearance of dark spots, irritation, loss of elasticity and fine lines, it is good to remember the importance of properly moisturizing the skin with revitalizing creams based on hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E, antioxidants and substances nutrients able to preserve the water present on the skin surface.


This pool of elements help to counteract the oxidation of cells caused by the sun and help to keep the epidermis compact and luminous, preventing dryness and premature aging: the softer, nourished and smoother the skin, the more the tan will be. homogeneous and prolonged.


Tanning activators (also called "pre-sun" in jargon) are cosmetics that act as real fuses: they nourish the skin and activate melanin with the help of specific peptides and enzymatic activators (eg copper-tyrosinase) so that the tan develops earlier. These products are used every day, instead of the usual moisturizer after a shower.


A better approach to tanning also includes a gentle exfoliation that favors the elimination of dead cells from the skin, especially in the parts where it is more rough and dry (such as elbows, knees and heels). The exfoliating product (scrub and gommage) can be gently passed into the affected areas of the body, after a bath or exposure to the hot shower jet, paying particular attention to all those areas that appear thickened.


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Some simple rules: UV protection. Redness and burns are prevented by using sunscreen products suitable for your skin type. The shielding capacity of these cosmetics is indicated by a number preceded by an abbreviation (SFP), considering that a very high sun protection factor is equal to 50+.


To make the application more pleasant, the sunscreens can be chosen according to personal preferences (there are textures in cream, fluid, gel, milk and stick). In any case, these products must be applied evenly, in correct doses, before exposure, without forgetting to renew the application several times a day, especially after sweating or after getting wet or dried.


Don't be in a hurry: Another recommendation for getting a tan without damage is to sunbathe in small doses, gradually accustoming the skin to sun exposure. Particularly dangerous can be intense and occasional sunbathing, especially in subjects with fair skin (phototype I and II), with many moles and predisposed to developing sun burns. Allow the skin to recover. If, despite these precautions, the skin is hot and red in the evening, you can use a soothing and repairing cream or a nourishing and refreshing after-sun milk. The ingredients to look for in the formula are plant extracts, such as those of aloe, green tea, mallow and chamomile, which have a calming and softening effect.


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