Pay in installments with SOISY

Thanks to the partnership with Soisy S.p.A., you can choose to finance your purchases with the Soisy loan




The loan request is made directly by you immediately after confirming the online on our site.

You will be redirected to the SOISY page where with a lean and fast procedure you can complete your payment.


Follow this order:


  1. Proceed to order the products you have chosen directly from our website, selecting Soisy payment
  2. Your request will be evaluated in a few minutes, with a definitive response within 24 hours at most, and the purchase can be financed by paying it in installments from the following month.
  3. If the request for funding is successful, we will immediately send the purchased products, if the request is refused, the order made previously on our site will be canceled, without any commitment on your part.

The amount that can be financed ranges from € 100 to € 5000, which you can repay in installments of 3 to 36 months, according to your needs.

At any time you can repay the entire remaining capital and close the loan at no cost.

All expenses are included in the monthly installment and there are no hidden expenses.

The granting of the loan and the related completion of the order are subject to prior approval by Soisy S.p.A. All your data is provided directly to Soisy S.p.A. and for no reason will they be made available to


Soisy The service can only be used by private customers residing in Italy.

The order placed on our site will be considered effective only upon confirmation of the disbursement of the loan, and only then will we proceed to ship the ordered products.