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The Lugrà company after years of studies has created this innovative product with the main ingredient which is the snail slime which counteracts the formation of free radicals (ROS).

Snail farming is done with the utmost care and dedication. With a delicate process of deburring, filtration and storage to obtain a high quality burr with tested anti-free radical and anti-aging efficacy.

The studies were conducted at a laboratory in Milan where its scavenger activity was tested. The scavenger activity of the tested product was evaluated by measuring its ability to counteract the formation of free radicals (ROS) in human keratinocyte cell cultures.

The production of ROS is closely correlated with the skin aging processes: the accumulation of ROS produced by normal metabolism, and the resulting cell damage, is responsible for intrinsic aging.

On the contrary, extrinsic aging is due to free radicals that are formed due to environmental stimuli, including exposure to the sun. These radicals cause damage to the skin by causing an inflammatory reaction.

Furthermore, ROS can stimulate the activity of numerous enzymes, from tyrosinase (main responsible for the synthesis of melanin) to elastase (a proteolytic enzyme involved in the degradation of elastin).

The result is the appearance of dark spots (mainly on the face and hands as they are the areas most exposed to light) and the loss of skin elasticity. In particular, among all environmental factors, exposure to the sun (ultraviolet radiation) is one of the main causes of aging, especially premature aging, to which it contributes up to 80%.

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    Lugrà Face Cream Based on Snail Dribble
    Counteracts the formation of free radicals responsible for cellular aging
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