Collistar Concentrato Biorivitalizzante Anticellulite

Anti-Cellulite Biorevitalizing Concentrate
Collistar Concentrato Biorivitalizzante Anticellulite

Collistar Concentrato Biorivitalizzante Anticellulite

An absolutely avant-garde formula that, inspired by two techniques of aesthetic medicine, mesotherapy and biorevitalization, uses an innovative system of carrier based on phosphatidylcholine, a substance that promotes the penetration of active ingredients into the cellulite areas, enhancing their effectiveness.


Anti-cellulite action, mesotherapy effect

Specific for cellulite associated with water retention, Meso-Dren Complex is a cocktail of active ingredients similar to those used in mesotherapy. Elderberry extract and edemine improve capillary microcirculation, promoting the mobilization of excess fluids. Caffeine facilitates the breakdown of fatty acids in the tissues.


Recompacting action biorevitalization effect

Inspired by the active ingredients used by aesthetic doctors for the biorevitalization of the skin, the exclusive Bio-Shape Complex combines vitamin E, energizing and free radicals, hyaluronic acid, moisturizing, smoothing and regenerating, and glaucine, elasticizing and recompacting.


The results

Already after the first treatment the skin is softer and smoother. Day after day, the orange peel appearance and localized accumulations diminish, the mattress areas appear smoother and deflated, the silhouette lightens, the skin becomes more toned and compact.



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